"Relighting the Glow"


A Focus of City Pride ... Rea Clubhouse was Lit at Night for All to See

For most of the 20th century, Rea Park's clubhouse was lit at night by two large spotlights located on the west side of the structure.  The clubhouse could be easily seen by those riding in automobiles passing by on a dark South Seventh Street.  It was an impressive site to see!  

The phrase "Relighting the Glow" was the title of a newspaper article written by Mark Bennett, local Tribune Star editor, in 2014.  It was adopted by Friends of Rea Park, Inc. as their official slogan.

It is the desire of Friends of Rea Park, Inc. to see spotlights shine once more on one of Terre Haute's most iconic buildings.  This time, we want to see lights shine on a newly renovated clubhouse, one ready to stand another 100 years, just in time for Rea Park's 100th anniversary in 2022.        

Original Photo by John Lowry