A New Master Plan for Rea Park

The attached file contains information and drawings of the park master plan.  This plan presents ideas that could be implemented in stages.  These recommendations include:  

  1. The relocation of tennis and pickle ball courts to the southwest corner of the park. 
  2. A fitness/health wellness center on park grounds.
  3. A golf academy on a renovated driving range. 
  4. A small space for family park activities, with a splash pad or small water park.
  5. New golf cart storage under the west terrace of the clubhouse. 

Rea Park Master Plan - Sanders and Associates (pdf)


1925 Clubhouse Rehabilitation Plan - Option C

The attached file contains information and drawings for the renewal of Rea Park's historic 1925 clubhouse.  Originally, there were four renovation options developed by Sanders and Associates, Inc., a local architectural firm in Terre Haute.  Option C has been accepted as the best plan of the four.  Highlights of this plan include:

  1. Cost:  $1.5 to $1.8 million.
  2. This plan would remove the existing pro shop addition.
  3. A large outdoor terrace would be constructed with a new pro shop underneath.
  4. A new kitchen and bar would be located in the north wing.
  5. Restrooms would be situated on the main level in south wing.
  6. The u-shaped cart storage would be would be located under the rebuilt west terrace, with access doors facing the golf course.


Clubhouse Option C Details (pdf)


Original 1924 Rea Park Clubhouse Blueprints


Ball State University Archives - Rea Park


The original architectural/construction plans for the Rea Park clubhouse completed in 1924 have been located on Ball State University's Digital Archives Website.  These plans, 14 working drawings in all, have been used by registered professional architect Dan Sanders and his assistant Amanda Jukes to develop a new clubhouse feasibility study.  The drawings serve as a baseline for all future planning.  

As of February 2018, the new clubhouse feasibility study is complete.  It was approved by our City Parks Board in April 2017.  It will be used as the centerpiece for fundraising activities to be conducted by Friends of Rea Park, Inc.  

In addition to the clubhouse construction drawings, Ball State has consented to allowing Friends of Rea Park, Inc. to use a historic photograph of the clubhouse taken shortly after its dedication in September 1925.  The photo can be seen to the left.