Belief Statements


Core beliefs ... we believe ...

  1. Rea Park is one of Terre Haute's greatest assets!
  2. The citizens of Terre Haute believe the historic clubhouse and its immediate surroundings should be preserved and enhanced.  
  3. The 90 years of history and culture that goes with this historic structure is important to our community.  
  4. The clubhouse and properly should be utilized to its fullest potential as was the Rea Family's desire.
  5. Terre Haute has the expertise and the will to bring our community together in an effort to renew Rea Park.
  6. Rea Park should be prepared for use by future generations.

Friends of Rea Park, Inc. also believes ...

  1. The city of Terre Haute is obligated to honor the vision of park donors Geraldine and William S. Rea.  
  2. The guidelines set forth in the contractual agreement the city signed with the Rea Family in 1922 should be followed.
  3. A revitalized Rea Park will increase civic pride while preserving our culture, our past traditions, and our heritage.
  4. The city of Terre Haute should upgrade existing properties that hold potential before building new venues of similar purpose.
  5. The culture of Terre Haute must be changed.  Improving the health of our citizens should be a top priority of city and county government.
  6. Mutually beneficial relationships between Rea Park and the Terre Haute community should be established.  They have the potential to significantly impact the health and well being of all living in Vigo County.  They have the potential to help Rea Park improve its' financial bottom line.
  7. The investment to rehabilitate Rea Park is minimal compared to other community projects now being considered.  It has the potential for maximum returns, helping to improve the health of people of all ages.
  8. New revenue streams should be developed at the park that will move it toward fiscal self-sustainability.
  9. Private investment in Rea Park should be encouraged.