Indiana State University Rea Park Survey


Distribution of Instruments/Survey Results


Are you a frequent patron of Rea Park?  Do you enjoy playing our historic golf course?  How about playing tennis, or running or walking at the park?  Or, maybe you just want to support our Terre Haute parks system.  We need and very much seek your input!

Indiana State University, Friends of Rea Park, Inc. and the Terre Haute Parks Department have developed a survey.  We will use the results to further develop our master plan for the park.  You still can participate in the survey by clicking here.  This link will take you to the survey at ISU.   We appreciate your participation! 



Highlights of the survey results we have accumulated thus far include:

  • Most respondents reported they use city parks about once a month.
  • About 50% said they use the park for sports and fitness.
  • About 90% agree that Terre Haute's parks are a great asset to our city.
  • About 90% said historic buildings are great assets to our city and should be preserved.
  • 90% had visited Rea Park
  • 55% of respondents visit Rea more than once a month.  About 68% use the park for golf, 16% for tennis, and 16% for other (walking).
  • 92%+ support a master park plan being developed for Rea Park - for its land, facilities, and buildings.
  • 92% of respondents state they agree the Rea Park clubhouse should be renovated for use by city and county residents.
  • Funding streams that should be used for renewing Rea Park were equally supported by respondents - state, federal, city capital project funds, foundation funding, and individual contributions.
  • Survey takers said the kinds of park facilities that might be added to Rea Park include a picnic area, trails and swimming.
  • Other services survey respondents stated they would use if the clubhouse were renovated were:  restaurant, weddings/banquets, snack bar, and conference meeting area.
  • Almost 60% said they would agree to contribute to the project
  • 64% of those responding were male, 34% female.
  • Most respondents were age 60 and above, followed by the 40 to 59 year old age group.  None were 17 or below.
  • 84% indicated they were Vigo County or Terre Haute residents.   

Thanks to everyone for their time and input!​  This information will be forwarded to the city council and city parks board.  

Indiana State Univ. / Rea Park Survey

Results from the survey instrument placed on the Terre Haute Parks Department website is contained in these pdf files.  You can download results by clicking on the links below.  Graphs of the data are included in the reports.

Rea Park Survey Data-City of Terre Haute Site (pdf)


Rea Park Survey Data-First Distribution (pdf)


In-Person Presentations

About the Rea Park Renewal Project



In an effort to build community awareness, Friends of Rea Park, Inc. is now accepting requests from local community service groups who would like more information or an update about our Rea Park initiative.  A slide presentation has been developed that can be delivered to any local group.  Representatives from Friends of Rea Park, Inc. will serve as  speakers.

To schedule a presentation by Friends of Rea Park, Inc., you may contact... 

Mike Harding at 812-789-6455 and

or Earl Elliott at 812-232-9492 and